As opportunities arise, HEIA and HEIA(Q) partner with various organisations to develop competitions for members and/or students.


McCormick/HEIA Flavour Forecast
Recipe Challenge 2020

For many years now the McCormick/HEIA Recipe Challenge has been an annual highlight for the McCormick team, and for HEIA. McCormick and HEIA have been thrilled to partner on this rewarding challenge. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous challenges to businesses in all industries, including McCormick. 

The national and international resources they would normally provide for this challenge have now had to be redirected to other areas of their business.

While McCormick can’t run the Flavour Forecast Challenge in its entirety for 2020, they have developed some Flavour Forecast resources for teachers to use in physical or virtual classrooms and in their own recipe challenges, should they wish to develop them. At a national level HEIA has developed its own mini Flavour Forecast recipe challenge, which is available on the HEIA national website

McCormick 2020 resources

• Backgrounds on the two most recent Flavour Forecast trends:

• Flavour Forecast recipes and recipe inspirations for both of the above trends – coming shortly

Activities, tips, uses etc. that incorporate the tasting posters


The other good news is that, while McCormick cannot run the full challenge in 2020, the company has already begun planning its 2021 Flavour Forecast Challenge. It will be allocating additional funds and resources to make sure the 2021 challenge is bigger and better than ever!

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