Working with HEIA national

All members of HEIA(Q) are members of HEIA and receive the benefits of being members of both organisations.

Working with HEIA national

HEIA(Q) is a division of the national Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA). The Institute comprises eight divisions, one from each state and territory. Each division is made up of those HEIA members who normally reside in that state or territory, along with any overseas members who choose the division to which they would like to belong.

Three divisions (New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia) manage their own affairs to reflect the objects of the HEIA. The other five divisions operate as a single entity with the national HEIA administration to a large extent managing, in particular, their constitutional and financial affairs. The respective committees of management of these divisions support their state or territory members’ specific needs.

The affairs of HEIA are managed at a national level by the national council, which:

  • determines policy, and conducts and coordinates the national business of the Institute
  • is made up of ten members: one representative from each of the eight divisions (known as members), the immediate Past-President (or President-Elect) and the current President; each national council member represents the interests of all HEIA national members, rather than those of the members of their own divisions
  • elects a Secretary, Treasurer and an executive member from the eight divisional representatives, who, with the President and immediate Past-President (or President-Elect), form the executive of the council.

The national council currently has two standing committees to manage the affairs of the Institute:

  • Membership
  • Professional development.
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