HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards

These awards acknowledge members who have consistently demonstrated excellence in teaching Home Economics and/or its related subject areas.

HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards

Each year, HEIA(Q) calls for peer nominations of home economics teachers for the HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards. The recipients since 2015 are as follows:







Romana Wallace, Mackay North State High School

Michelle Harris, San Sisto College, Brisbane
Kerry Braby, St Patrick’s College, Mackay 
Samantha Johnson, Moreton Bay College, Brisbane
Jill Shehab, All Saints Anglican School, Gold Coast
Belinda Ingram, Canterbury College, Waterford

Helen Willmett, St Margaret Mary’s College, Townsville
Kay York, Park Ridge State High School, Brisbane

No nominations

No nominations

Recipient of the HEIA(Q) 2019 Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards

The recipient of the HEIA(Q) 2019 Home Economics Teacher Excellence Award was Romana Wallace from Mackay North State High School. Romana was recognised for excellence in her profession by more than 350 delegates as part of the opening ceremony of the HEIA(Q) state conference on 10 August 2019.

Romana is not only a curriculum leader within Home Economics, but also across other subjects at her school. She actively seeks out new subject offerings to meet the needs of students and is a trailblazer within her school, mentoring her colleagues to align their teaching practices with the school’s pedagogical model.

As Head of the Home Economics Department, Romana has taught, contributed to the review of and prepared units of work across the gamut of subjects under her supervision. She is a driver in both her school and in her district for the development of high-quality programs and resources. Romana is the person people turn to for help and she often reaches out to beginning teachers in remote schools within her district to share resources with them and to provide support.

Romana has been a long-term HEIA(Q) Regional Co-ordinator for the Mackay region and is well known for her engaging presentations and excellent organisational skills. She is a colleague who leads with her heart, always considering what is best for her students and her staff. Congratulations Romana!

HEIA(Q) members are encouraged to nominate fellow members who are practising teachers that have consistently demonstrated excellence in teaching Home Economics and its related subject areas. Such excellence might be demonstrated across a range of activities, including teaching practice, curriculum development, student success, and professional contributions and activities. This is an invaluable opportunity to recognise and celebrate the outstanding work done by home economics practitioners. Home economics teachers contribute much to education in Queensland and this is one way the profession can acknowledge practitioners who excel.

Primary focus should be given to activities relating directly to home economics—for example, Home Economics; Food Technology; Food Studies; Food and Nutrition; Textiles studies; Textiles and fashion; Fashion Studies; Design; and Design studies; but may also include activities relating to, for example, hospitality and early childhood. Nominations must be made on the HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards nomination form  and sent to:

Teacher Excellence Awards
Home Economics Institute of Australia (Qld)
PO Box 581
Hamilton Central QLD 4007

or emailed to heiaq@heia.com.au

  • Nominees must be financial members of HEIA Inc.
  • A member who receives a HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Award is eligible for renomination three years after receiving their award.
  • A maximum of three awards are presented annually. A panel reviews the nominations and decides on the recipients.
  • The nomination must address at least two of the three criteria comprehensively but clearly and concisely, and occupy no more than two A4 pages.
  • A HEIA member may nominate a colleague or themself.
  • The nomination must be seconded by another member or by a school representative such as the principal.

Criteria (at least two of these must be addressed comprehensively)
  1. Demonstrated ability of the nominee to implement high-quality and/or innovative teaching practice to ensure maximum learning outcomes within the context of Home Economics
  2. Development of high-quality and/or innovative curricula within a school-based environment—this could include the development of programs that relate to syllabus documents, work programs or a contribution to syllabus development
  3. Contribution to professional activities by developing, facilitating or being involved in the implementation of professional development opportunities for colleagues.

The HEIA(Q) Home Economics Teacher Excellence Awards are presented at each annual HEIA(Q) state conference. Regional functions may be arranged to celebrate awardees from regional centres if awardees are not able to attend the annual conference

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