Dr Janet Reynolds Award for Service to HEIA(Q)

This is awarded for outstanding service to HEIA(Q) over an extended period of time.

Dr Janet Reynolds Award for Service to HEIA(Q)

The Dr Janet Reynolds Award is awarded for outstanding service to HEIA(Q) over an extended period of time. The HEIA(Q) Committee of Management decides on the recipients of this award, which is typically presented at the HEIA(Q) annual conference. Two awards were made in the inaugural year, and one has been made each year thereafter:



Ngaire Mayo
Lyn McErlean
Kay York
Derryn Acutt
Rosemarie Sciacca
Susan Smith
Aileen Lockhart
Denise McManus
Cheryl Conroy

Recipient of the HEIA(Q) 2022 Dr Janet Reynolds Service Award

The 2022 award was presented to Lyn McErlean of All Hallows School in Brisbane, in front of over 250 of her peers at the HEIA(Q) state conference on 13 August 2022,

Lyn is a sheer force of nature in our professional community, both within and outside of HEIA(Q).

Many HAIA(Q) members will know Lyn from her extensive work as part of the HEIA(Q) Conference Committee. Lyn has been an active member of the conference team over the past several years, with the conferences having been significantly shaped by Lyn’s research into many of our speakers, both for the plenary and concurrent sessions.

Beyond securing new presentations, Lyn is also a source herself. Lyn is a collegial colleague, always willingly presenting at both state HEIA(Q) and national HEIA conferences. Her support of colleagues extends beyond these presentations. Lyn has been an invaluable source of support to many in our community in recent years, particularly with the recent implementation of new Senior syllabi. Those in the Food and Nutrition community can attest to the incredible support Lyn has continually provided, both at professional and personal levels. Whether it be sharing resources, taking phone calls from struggling peers, sharing information via her Facebook pages, leading communities of practice, or offering to moderate work, Lyn is always there for a colleague in need.

If there is one of Lyn’s qualities that shines more brightly than the others, it would be her integrity. Lyn is a fierce advocate for teachers and students, often being the voice for greater consistency and transparency for stakeholders in addition to expectations that balance academic rigour and wellbeing. In a time of much change, as a HEIA(Q) community we need these strong and compassionate voices to guide us towards practices that not only improve our teaching approach, but also our wellbeing as humans.

HEIA(Q) acknowledges Lyn’s extensive contributions not only to HEIA(Q) but also to the home economics profession. Thank you, Lyn. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude.

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