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McCormick/HEIA Flavour Forecast
Recipe Challenge 2021

National and State winning recipes

2021 Flavour Trends

In 2021 four flavour Trends have been identified.

Humble Nosh – Approachable, nostalgic, global

Drawing inspiration from the Yiddish word -nashn, meaning “to nibble on,” we combine rising global flavours with universal food formats to ‘travel locally’ and taste new flavours comfortably.

Plants Pushing Boundaries –
Indulgent, Satiating, sensational and playfuls

Flavourful vegetables, fruit and botanicals are pushed beyond their healthy halo into sweet and savoury food. This is what’s next in plant-based.

Underwater, Under discovered

Bringing flavours from the coast to the kitchen, diving into the potential of the underwater world and its under discovered ingredients and textures.

Physiological Eating

Mindful eating and intentional ingredients to achieve mind-body balance. A reemergence of this ancient philosophy is what’s next in health & wellness.

Additional resources are available. Handy recipes, fact sheets on some of the more unusual ingredients and videos that provide some great background into the trends.

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