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Queensland teachers are at a significant point in our journey supporting students through their Senior Secondary phase of learning. For those of us in the applied subjects space, 2022 signals a change in syllabi, with feedback on the draft documents currently underway. Those in the general subject space have now been through two iterations of their subjects are have positive and challenging experiences to learn from. HEIA(Q) will be holding forums to discuss these experiences and share constructive feedback to support HEIA(Q) to better support its members. Part of this support will involve formulating a response to QCAA to share our feedback as a professional association and to work together to facilitate consistent, quality practices.

GENERAL SUBJECTS – Design and Food & Nutrition
For those involved in General subjects, each of us have different experiences not only implementing the syllabus, but also being involved in QCAA Quality Assurance processes as well as professional development. These experiences are particularly unique to our subject disciplines as the Design and the Food and Nutrition syllabi are new to the suite of subjects and therefore have different implementation issues to more established subjects. HEIA(Q) will be holding webinars to garner feedback on how the following have supported our practice since the syllabus implementation:
QCAA Webinars and Professional Development
Quality Assurance Processes, including endorsement, confirmation and external marking processes
Resources, including subject reports, assessment highlights, sample tasks and responses
Colleagues are encouraged to voice their perspectives in the following online forums:

Food & Nutrition

APPLIED SUBJECTS – Fashion and Hospitality Practices
QCAA is seeking feedback on their draft applied syllabuses. For more information about this process and to provide your own feedback response, click here. To develop an association response HEIA(Q) invites colleagues to contribute their feedback in the following forums:


Hospitality Practices

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