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An invitation to express interest in presenting at the HEIA(Q) 2022 State Conference (Closes 4 March 2022)

Members of HEIA are invited to submit an expression interest to present at HEIA(Q)’s state conference, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 13 August 2022; and/or encourage non-members they know to express an interest.

Conference theme: Home Economics 2022—Towards global competence

Global Competence can be defined as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to thrive in today’s interconnected world (World Savvy, 2022). In 2022, the United Nations Sustainable Goals are a priority area for all home economics professionals, while the concept of global competence overarches, supports and strengthens the work we do in that area. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2018) explains that globally competent individuals can examine local, global and intercultural issues; understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views of others; engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions across cultures; and take action for collective wellbeing and sustainable development. To fulfil these lofty aspirations, we need to move beyond just surviving and work towards thriving. We must be willing to unite, to support each other in the interests of both thriving and developing global competence in our personal and professional lives, and in future generations. Achieving global competence as our ultimate goal is a collective work in action, a goal which if achieved, will be our legacy to future generations as they navigate the second half of the 21st century. The HEIA(Q) 2022 conference will explore how to thrive and not just survive, and explore those aspects of global competence that are most pertinent to home economics practitioners.

Presentation options

30-minute paper

  • 30-minute refereed non-interactive paper (but including questions and discussion time)
  • 30-minute non-refereed, non-interactive paper (but including questions and discussion time)
  • 30-minute student paper for currently enrolled Masters and Doctoral students.

60-minute interactive session that incorporates:

  • experiential learning which could be practical in nature and/or provide opportunity to, for example, analyse and interpret information; and adapt and apply new ideas and/or skills to professional and/or personal lives
  • academic rigour, including up-to-date knowledge about key issues related to the aim of the conference, and their relevance to delegates

10-minutes Pecha Kucha that includes:

  • 1 minute and 20 seconds to introduce and thank the speaker; 6 minutes and 40 seconds for the formal presentation (20 slides, 20 seconds each) that includes well-developed narration that is fluid but not rushed; 2 minutes for questions
  • Topic examples: latest research on a topic related to the conference theme; an example of effective classroom practice, curriculum planning; or learning experience.

Submission inclusions

In your submission, please include:

Name, email address and phone number of presenter

Organisation (if applicable)

Presenting author biography (maximum 80 words)

Title of session

Presentation type (see above for options)

Brief (no more than 150 words) description of session

If the presentation has been used before, please indicate event and date


How to submit

Please submit your expression of interest electronically as a Word document email attachment to the Program Committee via Dr Janet Reynolds at

Date due: Preferably by 4pm Friday 4 March 2022, but no later than Sunday 6 March 2022.

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