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Introducing our keynote speakers…

Introducing our keynote speakers…

We are excited to announce our two keynote speakers for the HEIA(Q) 2022 state conference, to be held on Saturday 13 August at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Mental skills for thriving - Andrew May

Our brains are malleable and can grow, learn and develop throughout our lives if provided with the right inputs. In this tailored, evidence-based presentation Andrew will address: learning how to train the brain just like you train your body to be fit, fast, flexible and strong; learning why some people are naturally more resilient than others, and how to increase personal resilience; how optimism is a mental skill that can be trained; and much more.

To learn more about Andrew, click here.

The relevance of home economics to a sustainable future - Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM

Sustainability is fast becoming a major factor and it involves changes in the world’s food systems. The good news is that the kind of changes we need can lead to more aware and healthier populations, with more caring and sharing than many people currently experience. New knowledge and new skills will be paramount and someone has to teach them. I see those involved in areas as essential as home economics, nutrition and public health at the forefront of the transmission to a healthier, more sustainable and less wasteful world.

To learn more about Dr Rosemary Stanton, click here.

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Download the conference brochure to view a full list of concurrent sessions.

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