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Upcoming PD Opportunities

Upcoming PD Opportunities

What’s on the agenda for 2023?

2023 will see increasing opportunities for face-to-face professional development not only across our HEIA(Q) platform, but also with QCAA.

Australian Curriculum – Version 9

One of the key priorities from both organisations is supporting teachers to effectively plan and implement Version 9 of the Australian Curriculum. QCAA have recently released their upcoming schedule of professional development. Check out the events on QCAA’s PD & Events site.

HEIA(Q) is planning to build on QCAA’s sessions by offering regional workshop opportunities for teachers to engage in Version 9 planning with a Home Economics lens. Stay tuned for more information and dates.

Masterclasses and Crash Courses

In 2023, HEIA(Q) is seeking to trial new forms of professional development opportunities to target subject-specific subject matter and skills. These sessions are intended to be hands-on sessions for teachers to address their identified needs, from practical proficiency and subject content to assessment construction and unit planning.

HEIA(Q) invites its members to help us shape these sessions by providing feedback on what you need support with. Please engage with us via Facebook or email to share your needs.

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