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Supporting Each Other

When we commenced 2020, no one could possibly foresee the year unfolding like it has thus far. For educators, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust us into a world of change and steep professional learning as we grapple with how best to navigate the transition to online learning and other such modes of continuing education for all students. There is no denying the shift is immense. As a professional community, it has been wonderful to see the valued support we are providing each other in our online and offline networks. On Facebook in particular, the various Home Economics-related groups have been abuzz with support in the form of resources, ideas and affirmations. Some of these groups are represented in the image to the right; this is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point for those in search of valuable online networks. Thank you to those facilitating these groups and the professional learning opportunities these networks bring.

As we venture into Term 2, HEIA(Q) will be exploring ways to further support its members with these pedagogical shifts. The upcoming inForm contains an article reflecting on the transition to continuous online learning so far, along with some useful tips and resources.

If you require support, have any suggestions for professional development, or would like the opportunity to share ideas and resources through an article or online webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us at Together, we are strong.

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